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Kirk Holmer

Welcome to the world of Kirk Holmer, a true legend in the realm of marksmanship and military expertise. Kirk's illustrious career spanning over two decades in the Army has made him a respected figure in the field, and his dedication to sharing his knowledge has given rise to the renowned Dry Fire Mastery program.

Holmer's Remarkable background

22 Years Active Duty Army & Utah Army National Guard: With unwavering commitment, Kirk Holmer dedicated 22 years of his life to active duty in the U.S. Army and the Utah Army National Guard. This extensive service has shaped him into the battle-hardened veteran he is today.

Awarded Distinguished Rifleman Badge & Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge: Kirk's marksmanship skills are nothing short of extraordinary, as reflected by the prestigious Distinguished Rifleman Badge and Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge he has earned. These honors are a testament to his exceptional precision and accuracy.

Multiple Deployments with 19th Special Forces Group: Kirk has been at the forefront of some of the most challenging and demanding military operations, serving in multiple deployments with the 19th Special Forces Group. His real-world experience is unparalleled.

Trained 1,000s of Soldiers in Marksmanship: As an instructor, Kirk has had a transformative impact on the skills of countless soldiers. His ability to impart knowledge and expertise effectively has elevated the marksmanship capabilities of thousands.

All Guard International Combat Marksmanship Team: Kirk's unmatched skills have earned him a place on the prestigious All Guard International Combat Marksmanship Team. His dedication to excellence is a driving force in the world of competitive marksmanship.

1st Place 2021 Tactical Games National Championship, Master’s Division: Kirk's competitive spirit is evident in his remarkable victory, clinching first place in the Master’s Division of the 2021 Tactical Games National Championship. This accomplishment serves as an inspiration to those striving for greatness.


Kirk Holmer is not just a name; it's a symbol of excellence, discipline, and a passion for marksmanship. His mission is to pass on the wisdom and experience he has gained over the years to those eager to master the art of firearms. Kirk Holmer's Dry Fire Mastery program stands as a testament to this mission.

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